Research Focus in Pure Mathematics

During the academic year 17/18 the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) will run a special “research focus” on Cohomological Methods in Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory. You are visiting a private web site run by the organisers — click here for FRIAS’ official site.

Visitor program

The centerpiece of the research focus is the visitor program. It aims to allow for concentrated work and day-long discussions in a relaxed atmosphere and without pressing time frame. A number of long-term visitors, visiting professors, Mercator fellows and FRIAS fellows will stay in Freiburg for three months or more. This includes the following people.

Bernstein, Bräunling, Brunebarbe, Déglise, de Cataldo, Drew, Eyssidieux, Huber-Klawitter, Ivorra, Kebekus, Nicaise, Pandžić, Păun, Pereira, Riche, Schnell, Soergel, van der Geer, Wendt and Wüstholz.

See this page for an updated list list.

We also expect a large number of short-term visitors. Names and dates will appear on this page as soon as we know them. Contact the organisers if you wish to visit, but please note that funding for short-term visitors is very limited.


We plan for a weekly research seminar. There will be a limited number of lecture series, where one guest researcher is invited to give a short course.

Cooperation with other research institutions

All activities will organised in cooperation with the Research Training Group GRK1821. During the academic year, there a several conferences on related problems at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. Visitors of those conferences are particularly encouraged to join us.