Research Focus in Pure Mathematics

During the academic year 17/18 the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) ran a special “research focus” on Cohomological Methods in Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory. You are visiting a private web site run by the organisers — click here for FRIAS’ official site.

Visitor program

The centerpiece of the research focus was the visitor program. It aims to allow for concentrated work and day-long discussions in a relaxed atmosphere and without pressing time frame. A number of long-term visitors, visiting professors, Mercator fellows and FRIAS fellows will stay in Freiburg for three months or more. See this page for an updated list list.

FRIAS hosted a large number of short-term visitors. Names and dates are found on this page.

Cooperation with other research institutions

The research focus organised four major summer/winter schools, and a large number of seminars, workshops, lectures series, …. This page contains more details.