Activities and visitors in Fall

Dear Algebraic Geometers,

even though the FRIAS Research Focus will open officially only in October, some visitors are already around, and more will come. Visitors for September and October include the following:

  • Agore, Ana (01-14Sep),
  • Casalaina-Martin, Sebastian (12-15Oct)
  • de Cataldo, Mark (-30Sep),
  • Heinloth, Jochen (11-15Sep)
  • Kawamata, Yujiro (18-24Sep)
  • Nicaise, Johannes (02Oct-01Dec)
  • Pandžić, Pavle (-30Sep)
  • Popa, Mihnea (30Sep-07Oct)
  • Wendt, Matthias (full year)
  • Wüstholz, Gisbert (15Sep – 15Dec)
  • Xu, Chenyang (17-24Sep)

The Freiburg locals (Bergner, Bräunling, Drew, Huber-Klawitter, Kebekus, Scheidegger, Soergel, Wendland …) will also be around. Please get in touch with us if you are interested to come as well!

As we announced earler, there will be a major school on “Degeneration of Calabi-Yau and arithmetic” 09-13Oct, speakers are: Doran, Kerr, Laza, Walcher, Zagier. Please turn to our homepage for details.

Best wishes for the upcoming academic year,

Stefan Kebekus.