Elliptic Curve Plotter


The Elliptic Curve Plotter in action

The Elliptic Curve Plotter is a graphical application that illustrates the mathematical concept of elliptic curves. Users can sketch elliptic curves and experiment with their group law. The sketches created can be saved in PNG or SVG format.


The program is open source and available for free. It is licensed under the GNU Public License v3, or any later version of the GNU Public License. If you use images created with this program in your publication, we would be glad if you could include a reference to this site.


Latest Version: 1.1.3

  • Linux Package for all common distrubutions. These pages explain how to tie in our repositories, in case you wish to receive updates automativally. If you prefer, you can also use our portable binary (created withmit Ermine)., which works on all common systems without installation. Save the binary on your disk and change the access privileges to ‘executable’. Then start the program by clicking on it, or from the command line.
  • MacOS X Disk Image universal binary for all Apple computers.
  • Windows EXE-File works without complicated installation. Just download and start with a double click.
  • Die Programm-Quelltexte finden Sie hier.

Please note: we use to openSUSE Build Service to provide the Linux packages for you. Since our packages have not been reviewed by openSUSE, they are marked as ‘unstable’. Please ignore the warning.




The static binaries were produced using the program Ermine Light. The authors of Ermine Light kindly support our project with a free license..