Enroute Flight Navigation

Enroute Flight Navigation is a free flight navigation app aimed at general aviation pilots. The program is available for Android devices and desktop computers. At the time of writing (=May 2023), the app is in daily flight use, with more than 16,000 active installations worldwide. Approximately 40 % of our users fly in German airspace.

Innovation Award 2021

In summer 2021, the readers of the German aviation magazine Aerokurier have chosen Enroute Flight Navigation as one of the three most important innovations of the year in the category “Avionics”. Read the full article here.

Industry Cooperation

I cooperate in the development and operation of the software with AIR Avionics, an EASA–certified manufacturer of IT– and electronic systems for aviation.

AIR Avionics is a medium-sized company based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The main focus of the company’s activities is aviation communication, air traffic control, traffic avoidance, and navigation.

Other Software Projects